Happiness; How to Make More Money Here the ways

I’ve been through the hallenge of not having enough money. I grew up in a small town in Montana, in an economically depressed Irish mining town. There was a lot of struggle there. It was a pretty tough town, pretty tough weather and pretty tough economy.

I remember one time when the heater went out. And when the heater goes out in Montana in the winter, it is a dire situation — wind chill can drop to 20 and 30 degrees below zero. It was freezing and we didn’t have enough money to fix the heater. My parents were waiting for their paychecks to come in at the end of two weeks.

I grew up with nothing, but I grew up with total abundance.

You have four kids in a house with no heat when its 20 degrees below zero, what are you going to do?

My mom went out to the garage, grabbed our camping tent, sleeping bags, every parka and blanket we had and brought them in the living room. She set up the tent, and threw all those things and us kids in there. The electricity went out at some point, so there we were, cooking dinner on Bunsen burners and just waiting for the paycheck.

My parents were good. They made it fun. We’d walk to school and they’d be like, “What did you do last night?” We said we were camping in our living room! We had no idea the situation was so dire. I grew up with nothing, but I grew up with total abundance.

Sometimes you don’t have to have money to make life fun or fulfilling or engaging, and sometimes even when you don’t have money, you can make things work out.

My parents worked so hard, and I have no idea how they raised us four kids. Later on, I went bankrupt chasing my dream trying to be a writer, trying to be a trainer and trying to do videos like this one. I was struggling. What did I do? How do you overcome that?

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