How To Stop Being Lazy By Overcoming Your Biological Limitations

Are you really a lazy person?

Even if you think you are a hardworking individual, there must be some seconds you are feeling idle.

Let’s be fair.

Who wants to take a longer road if there is a shortcut? Who would like to do more than required if it makes no difference in the results? And not to mention the countless times we’re simply too lazy to go to gym or finish jobs

Way before the deadlines.

But why is being lazy inevitable for everyone?

Our Genes And Brains Are To Blame For Your Own Laziness

Couch Potato Gene Makes Us Lazy

Ever wondered why some people are enthused about hitting the gym, while the majority of us favor being couch potatoes?

Actually, it’s dependent on our genes.

A 2010 study1 discovered that people who are reluctant to physical activity have the “couch potato gene”, and it is a mutation of a normal gene which regulate activity levels.

Throughout the mutation, dopamine receptor from the normal gene which controls motivation and reward aids or even disappears. That’s why many of us cannot feel that the pleasure from exercise as those physical fitness gurus do. And couch potato gene is inheritable. That means if you are not fond of bodily action, your children are not as inclined to be more athletic too.