Day 1 - Go straight to work

July 7, 2016

Got an amazing idea today. Why don’t I journal my progress every day? About what went well, what did not and my improvements, fall backs, etc. It should be like a record for me what all I did on that day. Was it productive or not.

At least to write this every night, I wont waste time much and make every day count.

Today is Day 1.

What’s this all about?
I have planned to build an application using Backbone JS and Django. And as you can see, I am journaling each day to share the process as I learn and build, until the application is done.

Work started today a bit late. Even though I sat down at 10.30am, it was late by the time I started actual work. The mistake was this — as soon as I started my laptop, I opened Facebook. So I had to catch up on few messages and notifications and without any notice, the time flew by.

So the take away is this, Go straight to work. Only after some work is done, take a break, 10 minutes or so and catch up.

Started in the after noon and it went on well. Power naps are really good. After taking a quick 20 minute nap, I felt refreshed.

And also, I even blogged about a thing that I discovered in building the application that I planned.

So, I gave today a productivity score of 9 (out of 10).

I will plan from tomorrow to complete my work by 7pm. After which I can write. Be it journal or any article. I will have time for myself.

Aravind Balla. July 7, 2016.

Day 2: Get a Gang

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