How to learn new things effectively?

Its good that we learn new things frequently. Many a times, we start off things, loose track and leave them in the middle. Could you relate, my friend? Here is my take on learning new skills.

I believe it all starts with the purpose of learning. Why do we want to learn a particular skill? How can that improve us? What problem can be solved if we acquire that skill? All these are the questions that we need to answer in order to learn something efficiently.

Motivation levels aren’t constant throughout the learning.

There happens to be a change in motivation and the excitement levels throughout the journey of learning that takes place. They keep varying. You can tell when they are at the zenith and when they are low.

The motivation levels in the beginning are generally not the same after a while. What happens here is, when we don’t have those questions answered, we have a great chance that we drop off at this stage.

I recently tried something which is preventing that from happening to me. When I decide on learning some new skill, I open up Evernote (any note taking app or a paper) and answer the questions stated above. This helps me not loose my motivation. And when I feel that I am loosing it gradually, I go back and read those answers.

Always, start with WHY.

I feel this is really a great way to start something. Start by answering the ‘why’. Many things started changing for me when I started doing this.

Next comes the time. How much time are we dedicating to the skill. In the book Outliers , author Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field.

We may not be able to practice a skill to that extent but, the more the better. Plan on dedicating more time to the skill. More time can also mean doing it for short periods of time frequently. Maybe half an hour daily. This really helps us master the skill.

I want to know how do you learn things? Write a response.

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