How to read self help books?

I was reading ‘Talk Like TED’ book from a week. That book is amazing and I am loving it. The ideas in it are so inspiring. They make you want to do something.

Generally we get that fire in us when we read such inspiring things. That’s called fire-to-do-shit fire. But, does that last long? If yes, how long? I was experiencing the same. It does not last for much time.

But hang on. I have found out a solution kind of thing. Its writing things down. It might be on your phone or laptop or on a paper or anywhere. By this you are taming that fire and making it glow for long. Our brains remember things which we write. That’s why teachers ask us to take notes.

Writing may not be copying the whole chapter or the whole book down. It could be the main point, followed by your thoughts on it. That ‘Aha, I never thought of this!’ moments are precious. Never let them go without noting it. I even experienced that when you come back search that aha moment, I couldn’t find. I don’t know whether it happens with everyone, but this technique will be helpful.

Sometimes a brand new thought hits up the mind which exists no where. Not in the book nor you heard it somewhere. That might be a derivation of ideas you read. Or you might have applied that idea you read in some other area to solve a different problem.

I read some books long back. When I look back, I remember the learning only those which I have implemented or adapted in my life. I don’t remember the complete book. The idea of reading a book isn’t memorizing it though. Its to learn and get new ideas and ways to solve problems.

Yes, it will take some extra time to complete the book. But its worth your time.

This way of noting down can be applied in many areas. Like when we listen to talks at conference or somewhere online or a TED talk and so on. Preserve those ‘I didn’t know this before’ moments.

This way you build a huge knowledge base. It opens the doors to many possibilities. With your experiences and knowledge added, you can teach the world, the same things in a new way and a new perspective or understanding.

You can write blogs, make videos or make podcast shows with the precious knowledge base that you have. You can teach a lot and create your business around it.

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