Quick Tip for Networking

I started going for networking events recently. We all know that networking with people helps us a lot in our journey of life. Knowing people from different backgrounds and areas helps us learn new things and share huge knowledge.

Remembering a person’s name is the most beautiful thing you can do. People like to be called by their names because that’s the sweetest for them. Imagine a person walks to you and calls you by your name, and another situation where he comes and says, “Sorry, I forgot your name. Can I know?”. What is better? First feels good right?

The most important skill you can acquire is calling people by their name.

The Tip

When I started going to events, I felt remembering people, their names, and what we talked about was difficult. Sometimes we remember but we might forget the context, I mean what we talked about.

This is where technology fills in the gap. I got this idea to maintain a spreadsheet named People which contains the name, what that person does, contact and the context we talked about.

With this done, you can use it to mail that person after going home or add as a friend. Your message could probably be: Hey I’m Aravind. We met at August Fest(event). It was great talking to you about xxx.

This can even be done without the spreadsheet. It will be useful when you meet after a long time. When you remind that person what you talked about, he will feel great as you still remember him even if he forgets.

That’s it. Tried to keep it as short as possible.

Have a good day, mate!

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