The story of my website

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I have started learning React. Its amazing. I decided to build my website in React. As a beginner, I face some issues in figuring out what is webpack, why do we need it in react, what is redux and redux-saga, how does it work etc. Along with that I was looking at react starter packs. They were huge on using things that I don’t know how to use.

Later, I decided to stick to a basic starter pack and add plugins whenever I need them. So I added redux, saga and material-ui. I built a single homepage and deployed it to my domain.

Gatsby rules out previous work

After a few days, I came across a tutorial telling me what’s Gatsby. Gatsby’s site says, Blazing-fast static site generator for React. I thought, “A static site will do the job, the website just has to have all my projects and link to my blog posts. Why don’t I give this a try.

I watched the complete tutorial, build a basic blog and believe me, it is fast! It took less time to build it too, maybe because I got used to React.

The interesting part is that Gatsby has many plugins which we can use. We can use them get content from markdown files or Medium or Wordpress etc. We also have a offline plugin which will generate us a service worker.

It is very easy to deploy this as well. We just have to run

gatsby build

and we get a public folder which can be served.

Its amazing.


The site was initially deployed in a EC2 container running nginx. But as its a static site, I moved it Github Pages and added Travis CI for continuous integration. Whenever I make a change to master, it builds and deploys my website.

All the code for this website can be found in my Github repo.

Keep on hacking!

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