Video content is under-rated!

We all love to watch videos which entertain us. I have observed that in most areas like in colleges and make student clubs, there are no videos coming out. All that we do is taking pictures and uploading them in social networking sites.

There isn’t any problem with pictures. They are great and are usually taken with high end cameras. But do you think people have got time to look at all the pictures. People those who are in the event and those who attended will see for sure. But what about other people?

What videos do is, once you click that video button it plays till the end. Where as, you have click to change the picture every time.

Videos are engaging

Pictures are still images of life. Videos are life as it is. They are a great tool to engage, entertain, teach, drive audience and many. The music in the background sets an emotion. It might be joy, or that feel of learning something new, or laugh or sorrow.

People don’t remember what you said. They remember how you made them feel.

This applies here right away. Videos give you a great power to tell a story to the audience. The content can be so entertaining that people might want to attend the event. Video content has the highest attention.

Figure this out yourself. Does a movie poster entertain you or it’s trailer?

It is really helpful to invest in video. You will get the reach and the publicity too. Facebook has an EdgeRank algorithm to decide which content to show first. Engagements with videos increases edge rank more when compare to text or picture posts.

What to make video about? About people. Record their experiences. We are likely to connect to people and their emotions. Capture the fun happening. Take time to edit the video. That is the time when you plan the story and figure out what you want to convey to the audience.

So the next time you want to publicize your event or want to convey something, make a video.

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