Why and When do you want to be Happy?

What’s your ultimate goal? It’s to be happy. Whatever or whichever thing we do, out ultimate goal is to feel happy. We may find happiness in spending time with our loved ones and even in giving what you love to people. We feel happy and satisfied when we donate something, give something, teach something to someone. Especially when it comes to teaching people what we know, if he is happy for learning it, you reciprocate that feeling. If you didn't get a chance to experience this joy, then you should start teaching now. You can do blogs or podcasts or YouTube videos anything. Just tell people what you know. Share knowledge.

We find our passion around this concept itself. The work you do should make you happy. There are many people who leave their jobs even if it pays them good bucks because they aren't happy doing that job. They don’t feel satisfied doing it. As Jobs said, the work which lets you loose yourself in it, you don't even know the time and you are completely into it, that’s your passion.

Setting goals to be happy isn't right. “I ‘ll be happy once I reach that goal or when I buy that car.” This isn't good and it won’t happen. We should be happy. You should purposely choose to be happy. Enjoy the journey of reaching your goal. How happy we are now will the be the same level of happiness in the future after reaching our goals. Setting goals is necessary. In fact, it is a must. But happiness shouldn't be tied with it. It should be tied with the process of making it come true.

So, the question that rises now is ‘Are you happy now?’ Try to solve what’s troubling you now. We should believe your dream is going to be reality and enjoy the journey of achieving it.

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” ― Paulo Coelho, Alchemist

That’s it. Coelho sums up. You have to believe that your dream is possible and go work on it. People will call you impractical and crazy. But all the marvellous innovations came out from those impractical ideas. So happily, enjoy the journey.

Be Awesome.
Do Awesome!

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