PROGRESS is $$$ …

In sales, you have KPIs set to generate leads in a week,month etc. That becomes useless unless you convert a lead to a demo or proposal or closure etc. Very important aspect is to convert and progress further. Progression is core. Reward sales execs more when they progress effectively rather only when they generate leads.

One way of evaluating individuals’ performance is to assign a score to each conversion phase. Let’s give 50 points for any conversion. When ever someone progresses from a prospect to a lead or lead to a demo or demo to a PoC or demo to a proposal etc, assign 50 points to every progression and at the end of week/month calculate the total. End of the day, while closing a deal is the most important aspect, progressing on other accounts consistently gives everyone confidence on the future pipeline and reaching targets.

For example– a sales exec was able to convert 5 prospects to leads, 3 leads to demos, 2 demo to proposal. The total conversions happened are 10 (5+3+2) which equals to 500 points. More points here means more progress.

Let’s progress and make it our mantra….