October 5, 2019 — Last year, exactly on the same date, IEEE Madras Young Professionals hosted its first ever activity, we organized a PLC workshop followed by a YP Meetup. This was also the date the new YP team of Madras sworn into their responsibilities as the Executive Committee and held its first official meeting.

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First Madras YP Meetup 2019! ❤

We completed one year with our responsibilities last week (apparently, I didn’t get any notification on my Facebook as a memory as I didn’t post any update about this then).

Over the past one year, we did quite a good number of quality activities both offline (BC) and online (AC).

The world is an ambigous place.

Read the statement and keep your thoughts with you, we will come back to it later.

Last week, I was watching a movie that was released in 2019, despite knowing the fact that it’s not a big box office hit! Thanks to the OTT platforms, our lives are sort of entertaining even during the lock down because of access to movies and shows, which were not the case a few years back.

I’m not going to share the name of the movie — but I can kind of tell the story in a few lines. The protagonist was an adventurer lover, he goes for his graduation abroad, enjoys hanging out with his friends, fell in love, does a road trip for the pursuit of love, enjoys the relationship, helps his family and friends for a while, breaks up in the relationship, gets an accident and recovers, goes into a mountain climbing adventure, reaches the peak and gets recovered by the army because of the challenging environmental conditions, gets his love back again in his life and married happily ever after!

Some people care the most about their past — they look at their life and take decisions based on their memories.

While, some others care a lot about their present — the decisions they make are situational and deeply rooted on what exactly is happening in their present.

There are the third set of people who care about the future — their decisions and their approach towards life, is always ‘one step ahead’ of others, not because they want to, but their goals demands such an action which is predictive.

Entrepreneurs — the rare humans, most probably, fall on the third set, the people who care and build for the future — they are the people, who take our society and the quality of life to the next level. They undoubtedly play a huge role in the evolution of our history! …


Aravindhan Anbazhagan

26, passionate and optimistic. Chair, IEEE Madras Young Professionals & Founder, EduRise Global!

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