Big data- why it matters THE most to SMEs!

SME’S and Big data go together?

Sir, just invest in…! Oops I guess I used a wrong term called “Invest” to SMEs! Am I right? Hell no! I am wrong by a mile! ‘Big data’ is creating waves and trust me; it’s the perfect time to invest in big data analytics!

As soon as you google ‘Marketing’, you eventually hit big data! See, how BIG it is! All you need to do is spend those ‘extra — essential’ bucks and you are good to go! There is always a stereotype that SMEs and big data don’t go together! Common, Its 2017! Let’s break those. I guess it’s all because of the name “BIG” in it! Data may now be perceived as “big”, but that does not mean it’s only for large enterprises. Remember “Bigger always gets BETTER”!

Big Data can nurture alliance in SMEs by creating real-time solutions to challenges in every industry. With the recent accessibility to the cloud, big data provides opportunity to smaller business to take advantage of the tools that were previously only available to larger firms!

“Dude! We are SME’S and we generate fewer revenues! So why should I go for it, it’s useless and waste of money! “Says few. But remember, the proliferation of internet-enabled technologies such as mobile, social media platforms and the internet of things! Having less revenue and fewer people no longer means you have less information.

SMEs can use big data to better understand their customers, tap into new markets and avoid unnecessary cost cutting across the business, all in real-time! Is that all? Brace yourself! We have a list. Big data insights offer valuable information on human behavior, sentiments, interactions, and usage trends from a business-to-consumer model, compliance, and legal and financial trends from a business-to-business perspective.

Why Big data? — Big data is timely, accessible, holistic, trustworthy, relevant, secure, authoritive and actionable! What else you need? Customer retention is paramount factor for SMEs and big data does it with ease!

Well, roll out of new technology always affects how wizards do business! Buckle up and challenge those wizards! ”Action speak louder than words”- It’s time to get into action!