Simply Loved It….

This is no ordinary among the books I’ve read. I’m not a regular reader either, but when I do I really enjoy the way I feel each word I read. I really do believe in the magic of words. For all those who misconcept only music, art and paintings bring magical sensation to one’s senses; boy you gotta be ready to bring corrections to your belief, words can indeed bring you beauty and soothe your senses like never before.
Coming back to 'Preeti Shenoy’s, It’s All In The Planets’, I love to read these romantic genres but most of the time I almost guess the story before the end. It’s not like I’m blessed with extraordinary skills and I don’t make perfect guesses either. But we can almost guess it with most books (neglecting for a few creative twists by the talented authors). But this book totally touched my heart. There’s a lot for the reader to think, understand and associate. When you really employ all your senses into the book, you will understand why Preeti is one among the five most influential writes in our country at present. She really deserves that title. 
To write a book is not a simple task. None is a born writer. We ourselves give life to the writer within us. It’s a lot of dedication and passion one puts into his or her life that helps them believe and become influential writers. For a writer it is to live the life of many at once. To think from the point of view of many minds. To imagine and dream a lot. I mean its complicatedly awesome..!!
Preeti didn’t give me much scope to guess or anticipate things rather she got me stick to the book and live those moments. As an individual there’s lot in the book to adapt and keep in mind, that’s where Preeti did exceptionally well. Yeah for sure, it is a romantic fiction but it holds enough room for life aspects as a whole. Preeti’s exceptional talent in living through the thought process of the lead characters, that too belonging to two genders, oh boy, she just swept me off my feet.
Each page of the book holds something special for the readers. Each characters having an influence and each situation very well crafted, altogether this is a perfect package for all those people who love to film a book in their mind. Some stories end but some others just start afresh a new phase at the end leaving us really call it a happy ending. This book certainly is one such that really deserve a special place in my mind. Preeti, I’m a fan of yours...!!!

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