That Part Of Life…..

At some point of life you’ll find yourself in a fairytale. A state of mind where the entire universe seems to concur to a single person. You’ll see yourself transform, a point of separation between who you were to what you are.! All your thoughts... all your dreams... everything you see... everything your hear... there’s nothing that takes you away from that single charm.
In everything you see the beauty emanates. In everything you hear the sweetness flows out. At least for once in a lifetime we all get to know this, or rather get to experience it..! A part of life where you don’t mind about future nor the past; you cherish the present so much that you want it to continue forever....
A period of time or probably one of the few periods of one’s lifetime where the reality looks more attractive and colourful than dreams...!!!
What follows.. well, let it be whatever, but what it was will always be remembered. It all happened for a reason..!!

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