Yet Another Productivity Tips For Developers

Productivity tips from a journeyman on how to get most out of your developing time.

Get less subscribed

Take up only things of which you could do. When working avoid distractions like email, facebook, twitter etc.,. Don’t get much excited when you are poured with so many tasks which often happens in the case of junior developers. It is fine to say “No”.

Eat one at a time

Don’t ever think of completing many things by doing multitasking. From my experience doing multitasking would drag things and creates internal pressure. It is wise to take up single task at a time and complete it.

Always estimate with buffers

This is very much applicable to our profession. We as a programmer are artists in coding. Don’t get moved when you find your working code. Always try to achieve cleaner code than working code. As soon as you complete your initial draft of coding, iterate twice or thrice and refactor your code till it achieves artistic state. It is wise to have unit tests backing your changes every time you do refactoring. Always provide buffers to massage your code.

Make self retrospectives

To analyse self workmanship, it is better to have self evaluating retrospectives weekly. Track all your meetings, emails, code review comments, QA bugs etc.,. Review them weekly and tailor a better plan. This is the major key to self-improvement