Thiruvananthapuram Should Be Renamed Trivandrum
Basil Ajith

I agree 100%. I was meaning to post this. Thiruvananthapuram is very hard to pronounce for non-Keralites. That’s a big disadvantage for the city. All the famous cities in the world are easy to pronounce. If they don’t want to keep the name Trivandrum since it is given by British, how about adopting ANANTHA PURI? The suggestion of Trivandrum will definitely face opposition as it was a central government policy to rename all the cities named by the British. Since all the new cities are sticking with the new Indian name (be it Chennai-Madras, Mumbai-Bombay etc.), our campaign to change it to Trivandrum will never succeed. So, let’s campaign for a simple, Indian name — ANANTHA PURI.

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