-What do I see?

That I see it, so misplaced.

Why do I see it? Am I the only one?

What made them go, out of the line?

Why are people so unparallel to righteousness?

Why are they so unaware of everything?

Are they really unaware, or they are tolerant?

How can it be even called, a living, when people co-exist with each other with so much of tolerance?

-Why do they mess things up, often?

Why are they so careless to even think about something that is serious?

Are they finding ways to just co-exist, just because they were born in this world?

Why are they are so jealous, when they are able of it, too?

Why are they so selfish and greedy? What do they get by having it all?

Or, are they trying to create a jealousy?

Do they even enjoy it?

When everyone are humane with capable amount of senses, Why am I the only one, fighting for?

-They don’t feel me for real or I should assume they are pretending?

And the loved ones, too?

Where I do go wrong?

-And, yes, shit happens!

But why me, when there is so much of negativity out there?

Why am I even travelling along?

They make me look like a villain! Am I?

Or was I taught wrong?

-This is life?

No, this isn’t, how it should be.

I should make sure, everything is right.

Well, this is the life.,

Of a so called “Angry or rude person”

This sums up the minds of angry people and someone who seem rude.

They carry these questions in all walks of their life.

They are not angry people. They are “Misfits”.

Why are they the misfits?

Because, they are sticking to the characteristics of sixth sense, while the world is changing more unreal, every second in search of experiencing the unreal. The search has become so intense, that they forget to experience the reality and the life.

The Innocent misfits are not capable of taking it for ease, when something is not real. They are not tolerant to variables that fades reality away. They have been dealing with people who were so unreal that they start to take up an initiative to make things right and bring it under their control. They had encountered lots of imperfections at a very small age, the imperfections which some of us are forever blind to and as they grow, it makes them to look for imperfections in every perfect situation.

They are experiencing the negativity that you are blind to.

They are the only hope to justice. The misfits are killing themselves, sub- consciously, everyday to make you realize that the things are not good and they see it coming. Human race is running towards unreality, while they are striving hard to stay back.

In due course, they lose their life, personality, peace and many other things you never knew!

Ø Did you know that the misfits are the ones to be very much less likely to differentiate living beings based on wealth, color, superiority, caste, power etc?

Ø Did you know that they are capable of admiring the life and its views, more deeply than you could ever imagine about what an amazing life could be made of?

If at all, everything was perfect!

Ø Did you know that they could get themselves into a situation for real than you could ever realize if there was a situation prevailing?

Ø Did you know that when they decide not to care about the mess or imperfections, they could be the most successful people of the world?

And, there we could see the diminishing line of justice or truth.

Ø Did you know, that they are holding the baton of truth or rights, in this world unknowing the fact, that they are ruining their life?

Ø Did you know that, they had so much in mind that you never thought of, and that is why, it is hard to control their emotions?

Ø Did you know, that they find it hard to squeeze or bend themselves to a situation and they would stand straight forward , most of the time?

Ø Can you imagine what a heavy heart and brains for a lifetime would feel like?

Ø Can you imagine, how hard it would be, if you had to carry it, all your life?

Ø Did you realize that our imperfections that we were unaware of or unable to feel, is the factor that makes Misfits more unpleasant?

Ø Do you know what would happen, when a rude turns out to be a rebel?

I hope, you would or I pray you should.

Moral — Everyone has their role to make the life system complete. So, Instead of judging them rude and giving them an image of a villain or throwing it to their face. Let’s start feeling them. It definitely gives us a superiority to feel them right.

So, just make up your mind to feel them right. You might not know what they feel intense about and you might have no idea why are they so intense about. You may not be able to tolerate them. But don’t hate them. They just don’t deserve that.

If we could give them time, space, peace and few optimistic words to make them understand that all is well and taken care of. The world would seem a better place for both the so called Misfits and they so called Perfect Fits.

Just dont argue or judge them, you never know why he is talking,what he is talking”

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