Meeting with mentor

I am very happy to get successful meeting with my mentor. It was very helpful for me to understand my career way. As I told in previous blog post about my mentor. Actually I did not get an chance to meet my first mentor because he is moving to Denmark next week for his research on PHD. So, I tried to meet second mentor sir Nafeel Aslam. He was actually professor in our university last year but now a days he is working in multinational company DESCON as a project engineer. I am really thankful to sir Nafeel for giving me time.

I met him one day before and it was meeting of almost 20 minutes and I utilized these 20 minutes on my full potential and with full learning mindset. Actually I sent an email last week for meeting. I asked him so many questions and on every answer it inspired and motivate me.

After asking his current position and starting point, I explained my current position and my planning for moving next. Sometimes he was totally agreed with me and sometimes modified some points. One of the best line he said is to never give up. I learned that if we want to get success, come out from comfort zone and always try to try new things. There will be a lot of failures in life but every time you need to learn from mistakes instead of being upset and giving up.

He suggested me two subjects and one technical course. Actually we are not studying those subjects in my university but going the extra mile. I also discussed industrial environmental problems with him and answers were so helpful to understand. After the meeting I was feeling like boost up.

I sent him a very good thank you email yesterday night. I am so happy and I made decision and finalized my planning. I am ready to face and will get success inshallah.

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