success and mentor

There are always a lot of persons, helped us in our life. Help related to study to job or career growth. As, I am currently enrolled in Amal and Amal academy encouraged us to find our mentor in order to boost our way to success. I am really excited to know this fact of success.

As everyone has some people who do not feel hesitation to help them and last week I was searching for my mentor. Some of the people I knew that they were helping me always, my father my uncle especially my mom to get through my aim.

As I am going to start my professional life so I need to think to about a person, can help and give me so useful advices and motivate me. There is a teacher in my department, Dr Nafeel Aslam. He has an experience of 7 years in industry and working on teaching too. He is also supervisor of my final year project. I had learned a lot from him but it was all in a study related relation. I want to move through in his way to success because one of most powerful strength he has, is humbleness and gratitude. I did not feel any hesitation while talking to him on related to my career life.

He also taught me two additional books that was not really related to my engineering but unfortunately our university is not teaching those two subjects.

I think humility is something very important to learn. I was in it fully but in a prospective way of knowing it. I am truly agree that I was not able to learn from him experience and knowledge without humility. I wish to move forward with this passion of learning and will have a position soon on success.

I am planning to have conversation in his office in coming week.

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