Tips for talking with your next design candidate

Growing your team is the best and the worst decision you can make for your company. Making a good hire can be like a Mario mushroom for your group’s productivity and vibe. Conversely, bringing a bad fit into your team can be dismally awful, and not easily reversed. Finding the right people at the right time is key, and interviewing candidates in-person is usually the best (and final) step in deciding on hire or no-hire.

Despite the importance of the in-person interview, there are a lot of people, and companies, that under-consider how…

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Responding to Systematic Bias

In the interview above, Sheryl Sandberg talks about compensating for systematic bias against, in this case, women.

Conceptually, I think I’ve generally favored the view that trying to make situations the most equally evaluated is the right way to address bias. After hearing her point on this though — which I don’t think I’ve ever heard so cogently articulated — I now think compensating for that bias is actually pretty important.

I also realize that part of the reason I’ve not favored that viewpoint in the past is that the idea that these systematic biases are as pervasive as…

Austin Bales

Director of Product Design at Instagram •

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