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Michell Bak

I have a dream. A dream of a world where humans are free from coercion from other humans and are thus free to explore life as they wish within the laws of nature. I think it is a beautiful dream. More on that below.

Very interesting story. I have a PhD in Computer Science from Aarhus, I’m now 40 years old, and could make a nice salary (twice Michell starting salary) if I wanted to work 37h a week, but why bother with the tax in DK, so I don’t. I’m highly skilled because I love it, and just as Michell mentions enthusiasm matters. And yet Michell will probably earn far more than me if he wants to long before age 40. I write this because I’ve come to see that I doubt university really helped me, besides being an awesome place to get friends with similar interests. Certainly I have learned lots of relevant stuff in university, but mostly the first 1/3 year really mattered for my current skills.

Elementary school and gymnasium was just a pure disaster regarding anything relevant for earning money. In school I have apparently learned that I have to be great in order to be OK as a human being. I think that kind of thinking in me came from the external grading. That really sucks. Somehow I escaped learning that in order to learn you have to work — well actually I think I did learn that I’ve just been fortunate enough to forget it since. Now I believe in order to learn its useful to have fun and play.

Oh, I forgot to mention, school so killed my entrepreneurial ability. Creating a business requires willingness to do something that does not work many times before doing something that does. Oh my God as say thinking about how external human grading kill that skill! It has taken awhile to throw that off me.

It so much more mentally healthy to just do work towards creating that which you would like to see come into being in the world, and then do your own inner judgement of when its good enough. Programming I learnt during pauses in elementary school. I’ve come to see that humans have an innate ability for enthusiastic learning, we are not lazy by default. This means that when we leave kids alone to do what they want, they play with lots of stuff, and interests develop. We humans learn incredibly fast when we are open and ready for the learning and have fun.

This all ties back to doing stuff differently with children. Radical unschooling is great for children allowed to stay at home (so called home schooled children). There are ‘Democratic’ free schools for children where children are allowed to do what they want, and get receive guidance from elders.

I’m now letting my kids learn from natural life experiences, something akin to radical unschooling. I desire creating a center of free learning here around Aarhus, Denmark for kids in age 4–99 years of age, perhaps mostly 4–19 in the beginning, but I don’t really see a useful purpose of university anymore, we just need a place where people come together and can learn from each other and from the best skilled teachers in the world who has recorded lessons on the internet and from life in general. So if that sounds interesting to you, you may reach me at bergfreedom@gmail.com or facebook profile.

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