Dear Friends,

The team has restarted the referral system.

The program started its work from 1.07.2020. The referral will see the first bonus on 1.08.2020.

There is a description of how the program works:

  • Arbidex Referral Program allows you to get a 20% bonus from your referral recipient’s arbitrage profit. The amount paid by Arbidex;
    -The bonus is added every 1st of each month;
    -You can see your referral bonus in your Arbidex
    user account;
    -After the registration of your referral recipient, you will be able to see his e-mail in the “Your referrals” section;
    -Please note: your bonus will be…

Dear Community,

Here is the latest news from Arbidex team.


In May Arbidex arbitrage algorithm showed significant results, turned 7,9 mln USD and earned 5,98 % to the capital.

History of arbitrage profits can be viewed here.

Check your Arbidex account! If you haven’t deposited yet or you are planning to increase the deposit, Arbidex has an Investment Proposal.

  1. If investment to arbitrage is more than 10 BTC, the profit will be increased by 20%, the distribution is changing 60/40 towards the client.
  2. If investment to arbitrage is more than 1 BTC, the profit will be increased by 10%…

Dear community,

Here is the latest news from Arbidex team.


This month showed us a real rollercoaster in regards to cryptocurrency. The volatility of the market was high. Meanwhile, Arbidex arbitrage algorithm broke records since the beginning of 2019, turned 13,7 mln USD and earned 6.9% to the capital.
Check your Arbidex account! If you haven’t deposited yet or you are planning to increase the deposit, Arbidex has an Investment Proposal 1.

(For users who invested from 1 to 20 BTC)

Step 1. Increase your BTC deposit — double your investments in the arbitrage.

Step 2. Let Arbidex team…

Сессия началась с приветствия и просьбы откликнуться на затронутые сегодня темы, оставив свой отзыв в любой социальной сети платформы Arbidex.

Наиболее частым вопросом в социальных сетях Арбидекс стал вопрос о релизе SWT.

CEO внесла ясность, обозначив конкретные даты выпуска: “Сегодня будет открыт данный интерфейс для всех пользователей выше уровня Silver на платформе. Уровень Silver присваивается при наличии более 7500 ABX на Вашем аккаунте, с ним можно инвестировать в арбитраж до 10 BTC”.

Камиля напомнила , что 1 февраля был открыт SWT интерфейс для тех людей, кто записался в whitelist — это 20 активных юзеров, которые дали обратную связь.

На текущий…

Today Arbidex had an AMA session where Kamilia Arslanova (CEO) talked about the progress as well as changes occurred on the platform.

Kamilia started the session with greetings and asked users to write feedback about covered topics during this session.

The CEO summed up the latest updates that will be introduced soon.

The frequently asked question was about SWT.

According to the session, the current SWT interface includes:

  • Integration with four exchanges and market data with seven pairs: BTC/USDT, BCH/USDT, BCH/BTC, XRP/USDT, XRP/BTC, ETH/USDT, EOS/USDT on three exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex, OKEX;
  • Possibility of simultaneous loading of orderbook with…

ABX token has been listed on one of the top 100 according to Coinmarketcap crypto exchanges!

Founded in 2017 and based in Singapore, Coinhub reach expands to the heart of the Middle East through their team in Dubai. Coinhub collaborates with experts in blockchain development and cyber-security while remaining in compliance with the evolving legal landscape across the world.

Coinhub offers a highly secure platform for current and next-generation traders with the lowest possible transaction fees. …

We are very sorry for the inconvenience which has been caused by the issues in the new interface. We would like to share this announcement to explain the situation to our customers.

We have completely re-designed Arbidex personal account. This huge update and new features delayed profit displays for the last several weeks in December and January. Please do not worry as our developers are working to fix all the issues that are currently present. Arbidex user account will have full functionality soon.

Balances, funds, profits, withdrawals and new tools will be available to the users by the 20th of…

Dear friends,

The year passed by and we would like to underline main achievements we have reached in 2018.

  1. First of all, we successfully completed the token sale and raised 16 mln USD (100%) of hard cap ( Thanks for your interest in the project, our fellow community!
  2. Cointelegraph named us one of the best solutions to facilitate access to the new assets (
  3. MVP was launched before the token sale which allowed users to buy tokens directly from the user account.
  4. We have expanded our community. Right now we have Telegram chats in 8 different languages:

Arbidex Global Community

What Is Crypto Arbitrage?

Nowadays crypto holders are desperately searching for the way to increase their income from cryptocurrencies. At one point they are all coming to different trading strategies, and one of the most popular is arbitrage. In this article we will define what arbitrage is and which advantages it can bring to a crypto trader in comparison with classic stock market broker.

What Does “Arbitrage” Mean?

Arbitrage is a risk-free trading strategy. If you ask, to define arbitrage, it is the simultaneous purchase and sale of an asset to profit from an imbalance in the price. For instance…

CEO Arbidex объявила о стратегии на предстоящий месяц:
“Дорогие пользователи,
Выражаем Вам благодарность за Ваши отзывы о работе платформы, которые мы собирали на протяжении последних 2 месяцев. Как вы помните, мы проводили специальный опрос в личном кабинете и благодарим Вас за активное участие.
Мы проанализировали Ваши отзывы и, основываясь на них, приняли соответствующие меры по улучшению работы платформы.
1. Мы провели обновления и представили новый интерфейс.
2. В декабре этого года мы запускаем новый личный кабинет с техническими обновлениями для повышения производительности и безопасности.
3. В ближайшем будущем мы опубликуем материалы обо всех новых возможностях личного кабинета (регистрация стала проще, теперь вы можете вводить промокод не…


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