Kamilya Arslanova announces strategy for December 2018

Arbidex CEO announces the strategy for the upcoming month:

“Dear users,

Thank you very much for your feedback on the platform, which we were collecting for the past 2 months. As you remember we have made special survey in your personal account and we thank you for the results.

We analyzed your feedback and based on it took appropriate actions.

  1. We have made updates and we are introducing a new interface.
  2. This December we are launching a new personal account with new updated backend to improve performance and security.
  3. In the near future we will publish the material about all the new features on the personal account (registration has become easier, now you can enter promocode not only while registering but right in personal account and etc.) .
  4. To make the whole process more transparent, we will add Arbitrage Reports: information on the main indicators of the algorithm: trade volume, the percentage of the profit per day both in the personal account and on the website arbidex.uk.com.
  5. We know, that SWT is the most-wanted and a long-awaited feature. This December we are planning to release SWT beta test and project’s Ambassadors will be able to see and test it first.
  6. In addition we would like to share our support stats. In November we had received 70 support tickets and resolved 66 of them. We processed 87 support chats.

As for our other plans till the Christmas holidays:

  • We will change KYC provider to Sum&Substance. Now KYC will become faster for new users
  • Now new users will have the ability to register, using Google or Facebook account
  • We will add Mix Order Book widget to personal account (now it is only available on arbidex.uk.com)
  • We also plan to announce Ambassador program for people active in social media, as well as journalists and bloggers
  • We will finally add AIDPay widget to the personal account, so any Arbidex user can donate to the charity straight from the platform. AIDPay is an embeddable widget for raising donations in 26 cryptos in support of charities registered on AIDChain website
  • We will update the personal account of each Arbidex user and make it more comfortable and simple
  • Finally, we will add widget which will allow Arbidex users to buy ABX tokens right in the personal account. The process will take not more than 10 minutes
  • And most importantly, we will add AdvCash widget which will basically allow Arbidex users buy cryptocurrencies using fiat money. When the user will click the “buy” button, a window will pop up, where the user enters bank card details and there will be the information about the commission, card verification, etc
    This is the most wanted feature of the platform and hopefully we will release it this year

If you have any suggestions or questions please send them to support@arbidex.uk.com”