On February 5 Arbidex is going big: automated arbitrage is launched!

Following the crowdsale launch, on February 5 we are rolling out the core feature of Arbidex — an automated exchange arbitrage window that will be displayed on the MVP website and becomes available to users depending on their levels on the platform — Upgraded, Silver, Gold and Ultimate:

ABX-tokens amount necessary to obtain a specific status and arbitrage limits

The implementation of the key functionality of the platform is our core priority, that’s why working on operational management and development of the product occupies 80% of our attention. We built Arbidex on the basis of existing arbitrage cryptocurrency fund that has been running since the beginning of 2017. We reinvested the company profit in the development of a mathematical algorithm. Since October 2017 we’ve been building a stable system, where the automatic algorithm eliminates all the risks. The process of implementing of arbitrage strategies involves a number of complexities that require a well-considered technical and software base. The platform is able to analyze thousands of pairs of crypto-currency and find the most profitable chains, earning up to 1.48% from each. We will be implementing a technical roadmap demonstrating the various modules including the open source and POC (proof of concept). We are trying to do our best to deliver our community the opportunity to start making profit as early as at the MVP stage.

By virtue of the ability to track the actual difference between the rates of traded currency pairs on several exchanges, a robot-system automatically makes transactions with an accurately calculated effect based on real data. Users receive system recommendations that rely on the current course of automatic trading and can perform arbitrage transactions using their own funds. The platform will deduct a commission (the so-called “success fee”) of up to 50% of the revenue of such an operation. The return on investment to a user in the arbitration reaches 0.2% of the amount of the deposit per day.

We believe that the arbitrage functionality is pretty awesome, because it allows trading without any risks on highly volatile cryptocurrency market. Log in to MVP website on Feb 5 to test the product. Your feedback is very welcome, so that we could improve the product.