planning for human resource management helps in crating mission and objectives of the firm

The real definition of the management Science system is the process of attaining organizational goals by working with people through other organizational resources of enterprises and varies in number but corresponds to the three characteristics below :

  1. It is a process or series of continuous and related activities.
  2. 2. They include and focus on attaining organizational goals.
  3. 3. They reach these goals by working with people and through other organizational resources.

Management functions where the real description includes the four basic functions that the management process is established in the following sections:

1. Planning

2. Organization

3. Impact

4. Monitoring


Planning involves selecting the tasks to be performed to achieve the goals of the organization, determining how tasks are carried out, and indicating when they should be implemented. The planning activity focuses on achieving the goals. Managers identify the mechanism to take what organizations should do to be successful. Planning is a success for the organization in the short term as well as in the long term, planning a study of the current situation and the study of the business process, but the use of some indicators and the collection and reanalysis of data are appropriate.


The organization of tasks developed at the planning stages could be contemplated for different individuals or groups within the organization. Regulation is the establishment of a mechanism for the implementation of plans. Persons within the organization are given work tasks that contribute to the achievement of the company’s objectives. The tasks are organized so that each individual’s output contributes to the success of the departments, which in turn contribute to the success of the people who ultimately contribute to the success of the organization.


The effect is also referred to as the incentive package offered to the business leaders at the facility and not only to employees, but also to customers from successful partners to ensure business continuity, motivation, leadership or direction. It is possible to define the impact as directing the activities of the members of the organization in a direction that assists the Organization in moving towards the achievement of the goals. The purpose of the effect is to increase productivity. Human-oriented work situations usually generate higher levels of production in the long run from job-oriented situations because people find that the latter type is unfamiliar and therefore we support it by influencing the overall taste of the management chart.


the final step in. the management process is where you monitor the progress of an organization toward its goals , controlling can be defined as the continuous measurement and analysis of actual operation against the established industry ,standards developed. during the planning process and corrections of deviation of deviations if any basic control process and corrections of deviations The Basic Control process involves :

A. Comparing performance with standards

B. Determining where negative deviations accrue

C. Developing remedial measures to correct deviations.