You’ve painted a picture with false assumptions.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Ah statistics, you can prove anything with the right statistics.

Before Obama decided that Assad had to be removed, Christians in Syria and Iraq were living side by side with Muslims.

The reason that ISIS is killing Muslims is that they have pretty much run out of Christians to kill, rape, enslave, or use as sex slaves.

I won’t waste your time trying to refute your statistics, I’ll only say they are suspect since our present government has an agenda to import as many Muslims as possible under this administration and under Hillary’s future administration.

The real question is why?

Since Obama and Hillary funded, armed, and supplied the Syrian rebels (who joined up with ISIS) that created this refugee crisis, why do we need any of them to come here. They cannot speak the language, they have no job skills, they are angry with the United States and their culture does not play well with others.

To me at least it is just one more attempt at ruining this country.

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