Trump, ‘Alternative Facts,’ and Abuse
Sara Benincasa

Aren’t you projecting a wee bit?

You have turned a story where the media got caught using a picture from hours before, (and were busted with their own later video) into some sort of psychological theory that has decided that every one of Trump’s people have been mentally abused by him, when they call the media out for lying.

When Dan Rather’s assistant forged an official Air Force document to alledge that Governor Bush was ineligible to be President, and ordinary Americans easily proved how they forged it, the media circled their wagons and gave us the “faked but accurate” story to cover their collective asses.

The media has been busted for lying more times then their intended victims have, if anyone has been routinely abusing the faith and trust of the American public it is the media today since they have sided politically with the left.

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