Jeff Jarvis

Can I remind Hillary supporters of one important fact?

Throughout this campaign every media outlet has told the american public how Trump could not possibly win, first against all the republican candidates, and now against Hillary herself.

To prove this they have tilted polls to achieve the results they wanted and got caught doing it, they have lied about Trump and got caught doing it. They have even been in the tank for certain candidates (Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz ring a bell) and got caught doing it.

Trump’s numbers have started to overcome even those skewed polling results.

The reason why is simple, you cannot tell American citizens how they are supposed to vote and who they are supposed to vote for.

You must woo their votes by presenting to them what the other candidates aren’t giving them.

Trump is an expert at getting this sort of public support and no one else is this race has his ability to do just that.

Especially not Hillary, who doesn’t even have the showmanship credibility of her own husband.

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