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Here a simple test for you:

Prove that Milo actually used twitter to organize a series of racist attacks on Leslie Jones.

Your answer seems to be he was banned that is proof enough.

Prove that Milo actually used twitter to launch a series of personal racist attacks on Leslie Jones.

Again the only answer you have is that he has been banned as proof enough.

In the court of public opinion, such blanket statements works, in a court of law however such statements are laughable, if twitter is as a private company allowed to exist in the public domain, it must abide by it’s own standards or it can be sued in a court of law.

It cannot ban anyone just because an actress in a bad movie doesn’t like the reviews she got on twitter, (especially if she has made racist remarks om Twitter about other races) or if that actress contacts the heads of Twitter directly asking for some sort of special assistance directed at one specific individual while totally ignoring all those that actually made racist tweets against her.

In a court of law that would be considered collusion and collaboration in an attempt to silence a critic, again the proof is simple.

Here are the tweets…

If you were honest, you’d admit that Leslie Jones by her own actions brought most of the wraith of tweeter trolls upon herself by thinking that she could engage them in an internet duel of wit before Milo was ever involved in it.

It is my belief that Milo was silenced by Tweeter to prevent him from tweeting during the Republican National convention, denying him and his followers updates during it. Leslie Jones was just the means to silence him.

Don’t believe me check the dates.

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