Why I’m Certain The President Has Been Compromised by Russia
Ben Chapman

Here’s why you are wrong:

Russia owns Hillary Clinton, just like they owned Barack Obama and Jim Kerry. The Russians bought and paid for them and greased the ways so to speak to get them elected into office.

In Hillary’s case it was the Uranium One deal that saw her paid $145 million dollars before she would allow a Russian owned Canadian company to mine 20% of the US uranium on public lands that President Barack Obama had seized from private owners as well as removing the mineral rights from American companies already mining those lands.


They didn’t need Trump, nor did they want him to win, especially since Hillary Clinton would bend over in ways one would expect was impossible for a woman her age to service Vladimir Putin’s ambitions.

The best evidence for this comes straight from Hillary herself when she proclaimed to the Russians on Russian TV that she would do everything in her power to strengthen Russia instead of opposing it. 

There has never been any proof what so ever that the Russians bought Trump like they bought the Clinton’s , and it hasn’t been for lack of trying.

President Trump has had the IRS audit him more than any other presidential candidate in this nation. The IRS has for years crawled up Trump’s backside looking for even a hint of illegal money for the better part of at least 12 years and have found nothing they could arrest him for.

More importantly They could not find anything that an Obama or Hillary supporter could leak to the press either, as an anonymous source within the IRS. Given that at one time Hillary Clinton had the FBI records of most of her enemies in her office, during the “Filegate” and that ONLY Hillary’s fingerprints were on those official records found mysteriously in the White House we all know that had she asked for anything on Donald Trump she would have been given everything the IRS had on him.


It goes without saying that more people that could have exposed the Clinton’s as the most corrupt candidates in American history have died under unusual circumstances than any other presidential candidates in American history, from campaign staff members like Seth Rich, to John Ashe former UN assembly president to the actual Chairman of the DNC Joe Montano who was replaced by Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

And let’s not forget Shawn Lucas who served the DNC with a lawsuit over how the Hillary Campaign rigged the primaries and convention to shunt Bernie Sanders out of the race.

But who would have the people that could carry out this many suspicious deaths around the world to silence any of Hillary’s enemies and friends?


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