How to lose an Election

The Hillary Clinton story.

First, attack voters for who they are voting for. Call them deplorable racists, bigots, homophobes, xenophobes, islamophobes and just all around bad people, and suggest that because they are not voting for you, they should be ostracized by anyone that votes for you. Nothing says “I want to lose this election” like attacking American voters who who they are voting for.

Second, steal your party’s nomination by any means necessary and get caught doing it, when your emails are hacked and show Bernie Supporters that you have rigged the process to deny them their voice. You can compound this by throwing out a nomination vote that Bernie won and you lost during the convention on national television. And again nothing says “I want to lose this election” like angering those voters in your own party that didn’t vote for you.

Next don’t be in bad health and try to hide it, especially under a giant pant suit, by now it the rest of America has figured out that you are not in the best of health and have been hiding your health issues for quite so time. Of course nothing says “I want to lose this election” like a candidate that cannot even stand up at a memorial service while her staff lies to the American voter about how healthy you are not.

Be under congressional investigation for a number of abuses of power including your failure to follow the laws of this nation in the handling of sensitive information, because nothing says “I want to lose this election” like betraying the special trust and confidence The American voter bestows upon those we elect to handle classified information at the highest levels of government.

Have a special email server for hiding your emails from laws designed to record every bit of information you used to make decisions and archive those records for history. Of course Nothing says to the American Voter, “I want to lose this election” like actually deleting those emails as soon as they are subpoenaed by Congress during a congressional investigation.

And have the mainstream media cover up all of the above, while lying for you about all of the above because nothing says “I want to lose this election” like having the media try to Tell the American voter that which you cannot do for yourself, how you are going to beat your opponent.

Finally having the current president go out on the campaign trail and tell Black people that failing to vote for you is personally offensive to him because he was the first Black president well nothing says “I want to lose this election” like actually needing to stoop to that level in the eyes of the American voter.

Have I left anything out? Maybe but as a final thought Hillary is going to lose and lose quite possibly worse than any other candidate in history not because Trump is so much better than she is but because Hillary Inc. is such damaged goods that the only way she can win is to cheat even more than she has so far and nothing says “I want to lose this election” like her inability to read the American Voter thinks about her.

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