On white feelings, jokes, and when white people just don’t get it (which is too often)
Ruchika G

I have a few simple question about white jokes:

  1. are all white jokes racist? (I ask this because since white people are making the jokes, obviously all white jokes are then racist…)
  2. If a white person tells a joke about a white person and as a liberal standard rule of thumb all white jokes are racist, which white person is the racist? The one that tells the joke, the one the joke is about or all white people that laugh at the joke?
  3. If a Black person laughs at a joke about white people told by a white person to make fun of white people and that joke is racist because a white person told it, is that black person a white racist for laughing?
  4. What if the black person repeats the white person’s joke about white people to other black people is the joke still racist because a white person invented it?
  5. If no one laughs at the black person that tell a joke written by a white person about white people, is everyone that doesn’t laugh at the joke, racist as well because they didn’t laugh when a black man told it? Even if they are black?
  6. Just a few more questions…
  7. If a white joke about a white person told by a black man fails to get a laugh, can an Asian tell the same joke without being labeled a racist for borrowing it from the black man to tell to an audience of Japanese businessmen or are they racist if they laugh at the joke about White people when it is translated into Japanese?
  8. If one of the Japanese businessmen tell the same white person joke in Japan and tells it in a way that none of his audience knows the joke is about white people is the joke still racist because an Asian borrowed it from a black person to tell it to the Japanese businessman, after the black man told it to a crowd after hearing it from a white person who told it about white people on television?
  9. Is the joke still racist after all that?
  10. Finally would Richard Pryor still be funny today if he had to tell jokes that catered the political sensitivity of the left of today?
  11. https://youtu.be/MlEw5xH4OgY
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