Lend-Lease Saved Countless Lives — But Probably Didn’t Win the Eastern Front
Robert Beckhusen

What a disingenuous author. It’s without question, the soviet army was ill-prepared to substitute any lend-lease material. It didn’t have any ability to do so. If it weren’t for motorized vehicles provided by lend-lease, are you arguing that they’d be able to survive through pillage? Or do they stand in a line from Moscow to Berlin handing over supplies like

“ But it’s unlikely the aid turned the war entirely in the Soviet Union’s favor, as the German military was overstretched even during the 1941 invasion. That vulnerability was exposed terribly during the Red Army’s 1941–1942 Moscow counter-offensive — and it’s unlikely Germany would have won the war even if it had captured Moscow. And that was when Lend-Lease was just beginning.”

These are events that didn’t happen in a vacuum. The Red Army’s fight to push back from Moscow wouldn’t have happened without whatever resources they could have pulled together, resources that were sorely-needed and augmented from Lend-Lease. You’re blindly arguing that it was a close fight between the two sides and gloss over very pertinent details. If a factory is no longer allocated to the production of supply vehicles it’s freed up to support the production of more offensive armaments or vehicles. It’s a snow-balling effect that allows for more specialized production, because you no longer have a whole production house and a line of precious supplies (along with guards et al) being wasted on something low-level like a supply truck. The amount of relief this causes is significant, getting a guarantee on supply for certain equipment is a god-send.

So tell me, where would these extra factories and production centers have come from? I am sure that the reeling Soviet Union had oodles of facilities west of the Urals that weren’t being captured whole-piece in the start?

I read a lot of comments of recently about the quality dropping on WiB but this is the first time I’m agreeing with it.

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