What’s next after Arbswap TGE?

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Now, you all know TGE is happening today, on the 25th May, 2023. But do you know what’s going to happen after TGE? Read this.

Staking & Farming Go Live

We are ramping up our offerings with the introduction of the $ARBS single staking pool, set to launch one day after the TGE. Additionally, LP staking pools will be deployed on the next day, highlighting our team’s commitment to providing top-notch services for our users.

But that’s not all! Farming is also going live on the next day, offering users a fantastic opportunity to earn rewards in tandem with trading fees, simply by providing liquidity to our ever-evolving marketplace.

Farm pairings as below:


What utilities do $ARBS have?

$ARBS is the powerful native utility token weaving magic in Arbswap’s dynamic ecosystem!

You can unlock a world of diverse features tailored to suit various use cases with our platform. Users can enjoy earnings through liquidity mining by depositing tokens, receiving LP tokens, and staking them for even more $ARBS rewards. Boost your yield by staking $ARBS tokens to earn a share of protocol revenues. Join top-tier project launchpad allocations on our Arbitrum platform by staking $ARBS and, as a token holder, make your voice count by proposing and voting on network governance decisions.

Here is the detailed breakdown of our token and supply distribution, including the respective proportions, number of tokens, TGE unlock, and vesting periods for each category.


Arbswap’s journey began in Q1 2022 and continues with unwavering dedication to developing our platform. We are hard at work implementing new features and remain truly grateful to those who have supported us along the way. Let’s take a moment to reflect on our achievements so far and explore the exciting milestones ahead!

✅ AMM on Arbitrum One
✅ Launched AMM on Arbitrum Nova
✅ Introduced the Nova Accelerator to Support Arbitrum’s Ecosystem Growth
✅ Launched community trading competition for ETH/ USDC pair
✅ Launched ARB Prediction on Arbitrum Nova
✅ Announced airdrop plan for community in 3 stages
✅ Launched stableswap on Arbtirum One and Nova

What’s next?

🔥 Launch ARBS token with CEX listing
🔥 Launch concentrated liquidity
🔥 Integrate Gemma protocol for better liquidity management
🔥 Upgrade MasterChef to support liquidity mining for concentrated positions

There’s plenty in store on our roadmap, and we truly value the feedback from our community as we strive to build the finest DEX on Arbitrum. Our unwavering commitment to our goals ensures we’ll keep growing together in this journey!

Mark your calendars: Arbswap TGE is happening on May 25, 2023, at 7 AM UTC. We’re excited to see you all there!

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Arbswap is the only true Arbitrum-native DEX suite, offering the best Game-fi services on Nova and the smoothest trading experience on One.

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