And Away We Go…..

My name is Adam and I am a 31 (32 in 4 days) year old husband, father, sports and business addict. I spent many of my younger years creatively writing short stories, poetry and passive aggressive social media posts. However, I have never spent the time to allow my business and family journey on “paper”. I believe that I am at a place in my life that is important for me to document my story. The first thought that popped into my head when reading that last sentence, is a sarcastic, “Who gives a s**t?” Full disclosure: I have no idea why I feel this is so important to document, but I do. So, away we go….

The best thing that has ever happened to me is meeting my wife and tricking her into marrying me. We now have 2 boys, the youngest born just 23 days ago and a relationship spanning about 16 years. I grind everyday to provide for them, give them the life I feel they deserve and show off to my wife that I am a damn good business man. They are my Sun and I will never stop pushing until I can give them a future to be proud of.

My business life, much like my relationship with my wife, started at a young age. I spent my childhood delivering papers, working in a meat room, working produce, and cutting grass. My dad and two brothers would attend a race every year in August and I would make all kinds of cash spraying drunk race fans with a mister for $1 a spray. The hustle began early for me.

I started making decent money doing construction right after high school. I knew I wouldn’t make it in college and decided to just make money instead. After a few years in the field laying concrete, I shifted to technology. I spent 10 years working for and managing data centers in St. Louis. For the past 2 years, I have been working in technology consulting and love my clients and my company. I specialize in the Construction and Architecture industries. It is an extremely rewarding time in my career and I am a huge fan of the owners of my company and their vision.

For the past 6 months, I have been taking an audit of my professional life. What do I want to accomplish and what changes do I need to make to get there. One thing is certain; I love people and I love talking and executing on a business level. My passion comes out when talking to any walk of life, about life. During this time, my focus on self-awareness and personal development has been heightened. That focus will not come in waves anymore as I have a deep understanding of the monster that can be created when I use my thoughts for moving forward. I credit many people for this shift in mentality. They will remain a beacon on inspiration and hope for my journey.

The documentation of this journey is just beginning and I look forward to sharing with all that choose to follow.