I. Am. An. Idiot!!

Ok… so I honestly consider myself a pretty smart guy. I am constantly thinking about life and work and how to maintain happiness. But I often put myself in scenarios that go against the concept of using common sense. I am beginning to wonder why.

The question of WHY is one that I don’t typically ask myself. I’m not sure as to the reason for my ignorance but I think it’s time to move forward with the inquisition.

I’m going to ask a couple “real Adam” predicaments and see if ant enlightenments strike me.

  1. Why do I refuse to wear sunscreen when working or playing outside?

I can not understand why I continue to neglect a very basic risk mitigation tactic when dealing with the sun. I have a great friend who dealt with melanoma and I hate when my burns peel. Sooooooo….. Am I an idiot?

2. Why do I refuse to get the amount of rest that has been proven to increase mental health and productivity?

The manner in which I justify my lack of sleep is by commenting that I don’t require a lot of sleep. Oddly enough, when I get more sleep, I feel more well rested. Perhaps I should find a way to force myself to take better care of my sleep schedule. I’m sure my wife would thank me for it.

3. How can I scarf down an entire frozen pizza but somehow save room for 5 Oreos and a handful of almonds?

Obviously, the health benefits of the almonds offset the 2000 calories from the rest of my meal. What has me scratching my head is the attempt to decode this behavior. I don’t need to eat that crap. I understand how terrible this is for me. But I can’t help it. It’s so good.

These are only a few examples of the self- destructive tendencies I have. I believe, however, I have been asking myself the wrong questions. I need to quit asking why this behavior comes out in me. Instead I am choosing to audit my habits as a whole.

What are the details around my eating habits, sleeping habits, and social habits? I’m planning to assess these areas of my life and look for the highest risks with the intention of addressing them. I can assure you that I will eat too much, sleep too little and get lobsterfied by the sun. However, I believe that by bringing attention to the entire structure of my habits, I can make small fundamental changes to impact my wellbeing in a large way.

In what areas of your life is an assessment needed?