Goal conversion rate is one of the most popular Arc features that we’ve ever released. But we struggled on how to include it in our summaries without over complicating things. It wasn’t until we improved our weekly and monthly summaries that we found a way to seamlessly add conversions!

After we started including goal conversion rates we saw a clear jump in sign ups and teams upgrading to our paid plan. Not surprising, since we knew conversions were going to make a big impact. What did surprise us was how many e-commerce companies were upgrading!

Some of those new users…

Conversion rates are important to anyone running a business. Goal conversions were one of our most requested features and they’ve been a big driver of sign ups and upgrades since we released them.

Goals are great, but what if you run an e-commerce site? You probably care a lot about your e-commerce conversion because it relates directly to revenue! It turns out that a lot of Arc users happen to run e-commerce businesses and they wanted to know their conversion rates.

It took conversations with our users and a few revisions, but we came up with a solution that gives…

We built Arc to reduce information overload from your analytics. Graphs and numbers are powerful, but without context they’re difficult to unravel. This is why Arc summarizes data to give you a quick glance at how your site is performing every day. This is a peek into your analytics and the start of Arc’s journey into providing valuable insights without forcing you to dig into tons of extra details.

But what if all that data isn’t overloading you? What if you want it?

Arc now ensures you have all the raw data you need right at your fingertips. All you…

User feedback is an incredibly important part of building a product. With the help of a small beta group and Lean Canvas we defined the problem we were solving and how to tackle it. Together with our first users, we created Arc and launched it in the Slack App Directory.

Since those early days, we’ve gained thousands of users and received hundreds of emails and /arc-feedback messages suggesting features, giving feedback and saying thanks. But, those messages were just words. Valuable words with potential, but still just words. …

Arc helps you build a clear and simple view of your analytics in Slack. Last week we improved weekly and monthly summaries with performance metrics. This week we’re adding conversion rates to track your Google event goals for sales, sign up, or anything else your business needs!

We chose to show the top level conversion rate that Google provides. This will give you a % conversion for all your active Google Analytics goals.

For today only, everyone gets a taste of conversion rates!

Since our beginning, a common theme has been to simplify more Google Analytics data. Every morning, we’re fortunate enough to wake up to emails and /arc-feedback messages asking for more metrics. Thanks to those incredible conversations, we’re now ready to deliver.

Starting today, Paid and Free Arc accounts will summarize more Google Analytics metrics!

Free Arc plans will receive weekly and monthly summaries with audience metrics telling you about visits, people, mobile users and your top country.

When we launched Arc, we needed to validate that people wanted their analytics summarized with a simple Slack message. After 500,000+ summaries sent to 3500+ companies, it’s safe to say that we’ve confirmed our hypothesis.

Over the past months we’ve gathered a lot of feedback about what our users want next:

Hoping to change the stats from tracking sessions to unique visitors. Is this an option?

Arc’s summaries right now are awesome, but bite-sized. I want to see the bigger picture with more metrics like unique users.

It would be great if we could choose our data parameters. For example…

Every summer we meet up and go on a vacation together. Over the years we’ve taken ferries to small islands, driven up mountains, and detoured around forest fires. This year we took it easy and rented a cabin near 100+ wineries. We planned this retreat months in advance and as the date approached, we quickly realized it would be right in the middle of our final push to release our payments feature.

Normally taking a trip isn’t a huge deal, but we are bootstrapping Arc so time is scarce.

The weekends are when we get huge chunks of work completed.

Almost every growth chart that gets published online looks like a hockey stick. Small growth followed by a METEORIC rise when the founders reach a tipping point or some event catapults them into super stardom. This is the prototypical “overnight success” story. Once you have that hockey stick chart everyone wants to talk to you and the cycle perpetuates.

Arc has ridden consistent growth to become the 3rd most popular Marketing app and the 4th most popular Analytics app in the Slack App Directory. We snuck to the top. We didn’t have a breakthrough Product Hunt launch that added 1500–2000…

Our goal has always been to build a business and Arc is our first step in that direction. We used the Lean Canvas to identify the problems that we were trying to solve and the Slack App Directory provided a steady stream of companies joining every day.

The natural next step for Arc was accepting payments. But before we could start, we had to find a group of people who loved the service that Arc was providing. They needed to love it so much that they’d pay for it. We had apprehension about moving from a free “beta” plan to…


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