Yaspal Singh, a second year student pursuing his Bachelors in Economics shared his experience with us.

“One of the key experiences recommended during your time as an undergraduate is doing an internship. Gaining work experience is key for boosting your employability.”

So in my second year at college, I decided to do an internship. I undertook a 10-week internship, with the assistance of the Finance and Investment Cell of our college, as it had collaborated with The Money Roller. TMR is a financial research company. The selection of interns was based on an online quiz that will examine your analytical thinking. My fellow candidates and I went through this procedure. Fortunately, I was able to crack the test and got selected. It was a virtual internship.

The theme of the internship was “Equity Research”.

Equity research is a way of analyzing the financial performance of the company and forecasting the scenarios of both the buying and selling nature of a firm’s assets in the stock market. It is an extensive research method of analyzing a firm’s assets and liabilities which attracts the investors to invest in the company.

My role as an intern was about surveying companies to invest in them. They provided us with modules regarding financial statements, profit loss, APIs, etc.

  1. How to research a company for investing purpose.
  2. Got to learn about the official data banks and where we can discover authentic data.
  3. How to research a sector and furthermore the best major players in that sector, for example, the Real Estate sector and DLF as a major player in it.

If an individual has an interest in capital markets and is fond of researching then solely one should apply for this internship. It is extremely demanding and will require your full commitment to complete the assigned task. Also, if you are absolutely passionate about numbers and love to play with it then get some knowledge regarding stock markets and explore it.

So basically it was an adequate opportunity and boosted my knowledge. I suggest everyone should do an internship to get exposure.

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