First week after WIT Learning program ! Twtw

U & I

The week started with with my second session of U&I. All the Monday volunteers assembled near the busstop on time and Madhu was there before time as usual ! Madhu, a good friend of mine is one of the leaders of U&I chapter at NITC.

The number of volunteers were less on the day and I got 3 girls to help out. All 3 are in 9th std but have varied interests. To instill confidence in these young kids to have a good grip over English is our task.

We started out sharing a few good moments that happened in the last week as an ice breaker. One of them even sang a song to me. ☺ We then started with a few basic spellings of words that interested them and making relatable sentences out of it.

The next day we had a call discussing on how well to take the WIT Learning program forward ! It was a really nice chat that spanned over 2 hours and felt so good after having successfully graduated from cohort 1 of WIT Learning program ! Super proud :-) ! Thanks to Arya, Sharon and all my friends for being a part in this journey ! Then I got on a call with Sharon and we talked for a long time on how I managed to get 2 interviews done in a single day after my class. We talked for a good long time and she talked to me about her days where she was the Joint Secretary of their college tech fest ! I’m so lucky to have met Sharon and we have promised each other to take this relationship forward well beyond the cohort 1 :-)

Wednesday was movie time with friends after a while. We went to see the Tamil film 96 and I fell in love with it ! Most of my friends didn’t find it interesting but Anupam, Bhagya and I enjoyed it!!!

The results of WIT-GHCI were announced and hearty congratulations to the 5 winners and all the others who successfully completed cohort 1. Arya has come up with this brilliant idea of all of us attending the GHCI conference through crowdfunding. Her story of crowdfunding for Jagruti yatra is pretty inspiring but I’m actually apprehensive and scared with the whole idea of crowdfunding for attending GHCI. We have all created profiles on Ketto and identified top 10 people in our network to approach first.

WITx !

Arya’s approach to WIT program is truly commendable. WITx is a 2 week long mini version of the original program and would need a participant of cohort 1 as a facilitator in their colleges. Even though Arya will be leading the program, it’ll be us who shall conduct open house meetings on Thursdays and help our girls out in their figuring out journey. I have committed to spending 30 minutes of my time per week for the girls from my college :-) ! Hope they will make the best out of this program.

The one last Tathva just went by and had a blast on Friday night.

Could not meet Liyana when she was here for Tathva as I was out in the city. Looking forward to catching up with her at GHCI.

I have started filling the application for Adobe WIT and hope to complete it well before the deadline !