Hello, I am writing this article about my experience using blender and other creative software with a disability (SMA) and I hope this article would be useful for someone out there going through the same experience.

My methods and tools are very specific to my own needs so it might not fit your specific requirements since every person with SMA has his own personal way of doing things.

First of all what is SMA? I don’t want to get too much into it but to put it simply it limits your strength and dexterity significantly and it slowly chips away…

(Disclaimer: this guide is just my personal experience)


  1. Learn by signing up for a full structured course, not through sporadic YouTube tutorials because courses can help you stay on track and have a clear path with goals, visual progress and structure
  2. Setup a timer so you don’t get bored while learning, and when that timer is done you can go about your day
  3. Don’t get discouraged when you finish watching a video and feel like you didn’t understand much, it’s a slow process and i like to imagine it like water dripping on a stone, the first few drops won’t…


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