The arcade classic NFT is the second NFT released by ArcadeNFT, and the game played within the NFT is similar to the classic pac-man game. There are 5,555 total arcade classic NFTs minted, at an original minting price of .075 eth.

How can I buy an Arcade Classic NFT?


The Genesis Pinball is the foundation of Arcade NFTs. It is the culmination of months of hard work, the realization of a dream, and the very first playable game NFT in history. The Genesis Pinball is limited to only 500 ever made.

We initially developed the idea for this project…

From the Arcade Classics Collections; Rainbow Changa, China Town Edition.

Our Story
Our team consists of mostly Swedish gamers & entrepreneurs. The majority of us grew up as teenagers in the 90’s, playing classic arcades, experimented with early computer consoles and eventually played, collected and traded Ice Hockey, Magic, and Pokemon cards and other role playing games such as “DoD”. The…

Arcade Classics is the coming collection of 9999 unique Arcade consoles, each with its exquisite design traits both externally and from game view perspective. Without spoiling too much of the playable game at the inside, it will grant something quirky for each owner.

Arcade NFT

Our first Genesis Drop had…

Arcade Classics

We aspire our series of collectables to be fun, unique & addictive to play! Join the adventure where we take the classical arcade games into the future of NFTs.

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