Bringing Back Retro Gaming

Arcade Classics is the coming collection of 9999 unique Arcade consoles, each with its exquisite design traits both externally and from game view perspective. Without spoiling too much of the playable game at the inside, it will grant something quirky for each owner.

Arcade NFT

Our first Genesis Drop had a successful launch that we sold out in under 1 hour with little to non marketing. We believe our first supporters appreciate the fact of us advancing NFT evolution through fresh 3D aesthetics with interactive components.

Drop Overview — Arcade Classics

  • 9999 unique Arcades & Game compositions @ 0.075 ETH
  • Custom smart contract on ETH blockchain
  • Assets hosted on IPFS.
  • Price tournament entry for all owners
  • Launching: Sunday 5/9 @ 18.00 EST

The launch

On 4th of september you will be able to mint an arcade directly through our website with our smart contract. You’ll need a web wallet preloaded with some Ethereum. If you need help there are some tutorials to get you set up.

You mint the arcades through our webpage →

Traits & Accessories

The NFT space has evolved a lot in the last year, we wanted to pay tribute to some of the most epic and leading collections out there.. Without spoiling too much, since the chances are slim, but finding your arcade including traits inspired from ie. Cryptopunks, Pudgy Penguins or Sail-o-Bots will put your NFT in a very high rarity score!

We wanted each asset to be special and put a lot of dedication into this project. There are roughly 672’000+ possible outcomes of the arcade. The focus is obviously the looks of Arcade consoles, but there is so much more to the outside looks.

The outside of each console holds 4 different traits; Background, Console Style, Screen Animations & Artifact. Variations on the outside combine to a total of 896 unique variations. The Inside traits are even more, but we won’t reveal until drop day.

Highscore & Tournaments
All game highscores are saved on the chain and can be viewed at Only the NFT owner’s high score will be stored and able to participate in the tournament.. The tournament will be running until 30th september 23.59, where the top 10 high scores will be rewarded:

1st = 5 ETH
2nd = 4 ETH
3rd = 3 ETH
4th = 2 ETH
5th = 1 ETH.
6–10th gets a free airdrop our next drop

We will hold several tournaments for all our drops.

At 23.59 the 3rd of September, we will snapshot wallets owning of the following assets:

  • All Pinball wallets will be airdropped 1 Arcade.
  • All Sail-O-Bots wallets will be airdropped 1 Arcade.

The Pinball Genesis NFT will always grant its holder with an airdrop the coming drops. The Pinball genesis owners are the backbone to our Project that helped us launch this project. The Sail-O-Bots is a project we admire, and their community of Hamiltons deserves more love and attention than given by the space currently. | @arcade_nfts | Discord

Our story

During last Christmas holiday a couple of good friends were having some drinks. A few beers into the conversation we started talking about our childhood memories of our secret gaming club and all the nights at the arcade. Our club was inspired by the movies we used to watch like The Goonies, ET and Stand By Me. As club members, we endured discovering new places in our home town to try out the latest arcade machines.

Since early 2021, we have spent every night researching old retro arcades that have ever been recorded online. We’ve also been reading up about the history of early table board machines, mapping out all the classic multicades and additionally studying board geometry. We were yet again, obsessed.

Eventually, with the entire shared drive filled with inspirations, and roadmaps we decided it’s time to start building. We started to put together sketches and technical drawings of the ultimate; Arcade Classics NFT Series.

After months of testing, designing, development & endless iterations- we finally had a functional interactive NFT concept ready to be deployed and shared with the NFT community at large!

It’s all about memes, fun & games.

If you have read this far you are like us, interested in the NFT space and also found what you might have been looking for, a journey back in time where many of us started at the arcade hall, just fun and games.

We’re proud of our dedicated team and grateful for our early supporters, we have several games & collabs lined up. However, This drop is our first and last 9999 “PFP” mint, all future drops will be much more limited.

We want to really thank you for reading this and hopefully be part of this project!

And please join us on discord and give us a shout out on twitter

Game on!

ArcadeNFT team

We aspire our series of collectables to be fun, unique & addictive to play! Join the adventure where we take the classical arcade games into the future of NFTs.