Are we all capable of achieving Greatness?

“I am going to show you how great I am”
- Muhammed Ali

Some say no-one knows what potential lies within a Human Being, that their are no limitations in life accept those we impose upon ourselves.

I for one totally agree.

Heres one for you

During my morning routine I like to sit and learn something new for around 30–40mins. Today I listened to the Audio ‘Why we want you to be Rich’ by Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki, two great Business Men and Teachers.

The context of the Book is how the American Middle Class is shrinking, the Rich are getting Richer and the Poor are getting Poorer.

It dawned on me that the masses are incredibley Ignorant when it comes to Financial Education. The subject of Money is an area they know little about, and it shows on their Financial Statement.

Society (95% of global population) are highly Educated but Ignorant on the subject of Money, the very thing they spend tens of thousands of $£ on to ‘learn’ about at University.

You may not agree but sadly theirs a difference between School smart and being financially smart. Financial Education is not taught in School. We learn Science, Maths and English. But nothing on the Subject of Money.

So what am I getting at here?

We spend years accumulating facts and figures preparing us for life, spend Tons of Money in the process all to look for a job to earn Money to pay back the Money we owe the Bank. But the majority of people never get ahead and are slipping into Poverty or in the category of the ‘Working Poor’. Their potential is limited due to the Ignorance on the subject of Money.

Picture a Ferarri. 200+Mph. The Horse Power is 700+. With the right Driver, the Car can travel at record speeds.

Now imagine a Clamp wrapped around the Fuel Pipe which feeds the Fuel into the Engine.

The Fuel is now limited.

The car then is not going over 70mph….

Our Human potential is much like the Ferarri. Capable of achieving greatness.

Sadly, many people are clamped down.

Their potential is limited, caused by Ignorance. Ignorance of Money.

Choose Knowledge.

Check this out

The great achievers in the World of Business/Money understand what Money is and how it works. They understand the system, or the Rules of the Game and play the Game better than everyone else.

If you are about to play a game of Monopoly but you have never played before, you havn’t a clue what the Game is about, you don’t know the Rules, but your opponent new the Rules and was experienced, what do you think will happen?

He/She will win of course.

They know the Rules. You are completely Ignorant to what is going on during the game.

This is happening in real life.

Which is why the Rich are getting Richer and the Poor are getting Poorer. The Rich know the Rules which enables them to operate at their full potential. Sadly, 95% of the population are Ignorant, which limits their potential.

If you are like me, you were told to get a good Education, study for a Degree and look for a safe secrue Job with good benefits and Pension.

I chose not to take this path.

I sat back and observed. Most people are broke, average and worrying about Money & Expenses. They’ve all gone through the same system we’re fed through and they all have the same results…


If you do what everyone else is doing, guess what you’re going to have? The same as them!

I chose to follow the path of the high achievers. The ones that are Financially free. Living life on their own terms. Experiencing true Freedom. Most importantly, they absolutley loving what they do!

You can do it too.

Take the time to invest in yourself, your Financial Education.

Expand your awareness.


  • Don’t limit your potential.
  • Invest in your Financial Education.
  • Study those who are Winning. Do what they are doing. Success leaves clues.
  • Observe whats going on around you. THINK.
  • Write down your Goals and come up with a Vision for your future.
  • Find a Mentor. Someone who has travelled the path and will show you the way.

Be Great,

Rhys Barry

“You have the potential for Greatness”

Originally published at arcanabusiness.wix.com.