Heres what happens when you Neglect yourself

I rate this guy

Ha, Perhaps not the most accurate Picture. This guy is quite remarkable in some respects. Here’s the thing, aside from being Flexible, he’s neglected himself in some areas it think its fair to say. Each to their own. I’m not judging him at all. I’m sure he is a great Human Being.

Neglecting yourself can come in all areas — Mentally, Spiritually and Physically.

I’m going to let you in on a little personal area of my life…

Here goes..

It’s fair to say, I’m bloody busy at the moment! And I’m making a lot of mistakes too.

I’m battling tremendous Family issues and I have an Aunty who is Depressed and an Alcoholic. Fair to say we all have our issues.

Who doesn’t?

Nobodies lives are immaculate. If they are, you aren’t doing much.

I’m going to focus now on my troubled Family member who has Depression and is a raging Alcoholic… This should be fun!

A classic form of neglect right there.

Heres a quick sum up of her Personality.

She’s incredibly Naieve. A push over. Doesn’t know much about the world or herself and is dependent on her Sister to take care of her (my Mother).

Much of these Personality Traits are the end of result of Ignorance and can be removed with a little study of the right Books.

She’s a 40 year old Woman. Spent most of her life following others and not really exploring and widening her awareness. She hasn’t done much with her life except take average work and a few Holidays here and there. Oh, and went into a Marriage she didn’t want for 10 years.

So why am I telling you all this?

Well, If you took a new born Baby and kept the Baby indoors all it’s life until the age of 40 and only letting him/her out once in a while along the way. Would that Child/Now adult, be equipped with the right resources to go out and make something of their life?

No of course not.

The Child has been neglected. The Child hasn’t been nurtured, Mentored and Coached by the right people that can equip Him/Her with the right knowledge about the World and Life so they can make something of their themselves.

Now I realise this is very extreme.

Lets take it down a couple of notches.

The average person is brought up in a nice way. Goes to School, interacts socially, makes a few mistakes Etc. Picture the average up-bringing.

Yet somehow most never achieve noteworthy success.

When our ‘Education’ finishes, most drop off the Radar never to be seen or heard of again. They succum to Life. Much like my Aunty has.

For the rest of their lives, they neglect themselves Mentally, Spirtually and Physically.

They disconnect from themselves and start looking for outside material items to make them Happy, relying on others to make them feel good or just waiting around for the Weekend with no real Purpose. (Spiritually)

Their Imagination becomes weak thus resulting in no Motivation and no real Zest for life. Their Mental Faculties weaken such as Imagination, Perception, Will, Memory, Reason and Intuition. The Mind becomes dormant through lack of use. They become Docile and fall into the same routine for the rest of their life. (Mentally)

They pick up bad eating Habits. Gain weight and become out of shape. Their body starts to decay from inside. Illness’s run amusk. (Physically)

What causes this to happen?


My aunty has neglected Herself for the most of her existence on this Planet. By Neglecting herself, she’s taken the left overs life has thrown at her instead of arming herself with the right tools and knowledge to make life happen.

Neglect = Ignorance.

Ignorance = Doubt and worry

Doubt and worry = lack of Self-Confidence and Procrastination

My Aunties results in life are the end result of her Neglect.

This can all be resolved by the reading of the correct material, having a real Purpose in life and learning how to forgive yourself for the mistakes you made.

Oh by the way, if theirs a mistake which is still lingering in your Mind, it means you havn’t yet learn’t the lesson. Search for the lesson and it’ll disappear!

When I was 18 I was just like an other ‘Typical Teenager’ Drinking, Sex, Partying and just being a pain in the Arse. I was Neglecting myself.

I thought that was the way things were meant to be.

I discovered however that you can be whoever you want to be. Not many discover this unfortunately.

I started paying attention to myself, who I really was and what I wanted to do in life, what I wanted to create. Entrepreneurship was always the path for me.

I armed myself with the correct resources. I studied the right material about Life, Business and Success. This eliminated Ignorance and Skyrocketed my Self-Confidence.

This can work for you too.

Don’t Neglect yourself. You may not see the results of Neglect straight away but through time you will notice (if you ever notice at all) and by then you wont be able to get the time back.

Be Great,

Rhys Barry