The Immigrant Hustle

So I’m scrolling through Youtube and I stumble across a Video about Grant Cardone, titled ‘Grant Cardone’s most controversial Interview with Patrick Bet-David’. And yes I’m endorsing the Video, go watch it, you’ll be glad you did.

Anyway, the guy conducting the Interview I had never heard of before but watching him I new I had to dig a little deeper into finding out who he was.

So I did.

The guy in question, Patrick Bet-David, is quite the Entrepreneur and influencer. My respect for him Sky-rocketed when I discovered his compelling story and what he had to over-come in the early years of his life, fleeing Iran to find a new home in the States and rising to CEO status of one the fastests growing Insurance Marketing Companies on the Planet in the Financial Marketplace. Patrick has taken it a step further by launching VALUETAINMENT, a Youtube Channel providing Value and Entertainement with awesome Videos interviewing some of the Top CEO’s on the Planet.

For me, I love Hustle. My adrenaline pumps when I hear stories of people who have Hustled their way from Rags to Riches and overcame some of lifes giant obstacles. In particular I love the Immigrant Hustle- That’s truly a new form of Hustle people are becoming aware of and respecting a lot more. If you’re a CEO, hire an Immigrant to get the Job done (not an illegal one though). Nobody Hustles like an Immigrant, they got nothing to loose, their ‘Why’ is tremendously Powerful and they will work around the Clock to privide for their Family and smash their Goals.

When I look at Patrick Bet-David I see that Immigrant Hustle and I mean that with the upmost Respect and Admiration. Society in the Modern World has developed the entitled mentality where they think they are owed something because they live in a 1st World Country. The reality, Freedom is earned, not given. You may live in the Free World but the American Dream is sold separatly.

Patrick Bet-David fleed Iran during the Revolution to a Refugee Camp in Germany eventually making it to America at a very young age with his Parents. Patrick was granted Citizenship, joined the Military and served in 101st Airborne. Patrick could of quite easily sucummed to life and his circumstances, lived off the Government and played the Victim.

The point I’m trying to make is if you really want success and I mean if you want NOTEWORTHY SUCCESS, Success at the highest friking levels, you have to develop the work ethic of someone who has nothing to loose, someone who is willing to put it all on the line for what they believe in, someone who will not stop until the job is done and then get up the next day and do it all over again. Period. Does this involve becoming an Immigrant? No. Of course it doesn’t. Does it mean Hustling like one? Absolutley.

I quickly want go back and talk about Entitlement for a minute. In fact, Entitlement and Income inequality. The only reason why you believe raising the Minimum Wage, creating more Handouts and taxing the Rich will create an equal Society is because you lack the knowledge and understanding of how to make Money. Simple. You were brought up on the idea that the only way to become Rich was to find a high paying Job and Invest for long-term in the Stock Market and the really Wealthy people on the Planet are the lucky ones who were blessed with unbelievable Talents and Gifts.

I got news for you folks. You’ve been mislead. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What separates the haves from the have nots is one thing… Knoweldge.

That’s it.

Some say Confidence, some say Opportunity, some say Luck. The bottom line is the average lack Knowledge. Once you gain the right Knowledge, you become more Confident in yourself and your abilities, you start to recognise Opportunity and you find yourself becomeing lucky because of the correct actions you are taking daily and much much more.

Their are 2 ways to gain knowledge: 1) Books and 2) taking the correct action. Books will tell you what to expect and what to look out for. Taking action will give you the understanding, the light bulb moment if you will.

Would you like the correct Knowledge?

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Immerse yourself in the content. Listen to the interviews of some of the Top Most Influencial CEO’s on the Planet and obsord the priceless Information Patrick and his team have put togehter. Learn from an individual who knows what it’s like to achieve Noteworthy Success. As they say, success leaves clues. Success it not Rocket Science.

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Be Great,

Rhys Barry