Arcane World Dev Journey 02 — World Views

Arcane World Concept Art

Worldbuilding is a key part of making an immersive game. Storytelling is what holds the world together and gives the game life. In this update, we spoke to Zino, Co-Founder of Project Origin: Arcane World about his approach to the Arcane worldview.

Q: What exactly does worldbuilding entail?

Zino: The game worldview is the geographical environment, political environment, and historical background constructed when designing the game’s story. In other words, it relates to the three major relationships in the game: character vs. natural environment, character vs. society, and character vs. self. While gameplay and value systems build the bones and flesh, you can think of worldbuilding as giving the game a soul — it’s a script that guides players in the game like how we experience movies.

In general, game worldviews can be divided into two types: micro and macro perspectives. The former shows a micro world, where specific game scenes are depicted in a fixed-focus lens. The latter shows the game plot from a macro perspective, where you can see multi-ethnic and tribal conflict and different environments. As the story develops, you will discover clues, gradually uncover the different facets behind the characters, and explore different planets, thus seeing a more complete picture of the game.

We chose a macro perspective to map the Arcane World, where multiple civilizations coexist with multiple races, allowing players to find their roles among varieties of choices. This requires the game to have multiple game characters and a sufficiently broad range of historical references and stories.

Players won’t know the whole story of the game initially in this expansive virtual world, but the clues are scattered like breadcrumbs and will lead you to slowly discover more details as the game progresses. It’ll be a truly immersive experience.

About Arcane World

Arcane World is a blockchain-based next-gen 3D Sandbox MMORPG with sustainable economics and social simulation, combining PnE, DAO, DeFi, DID, and NFT in one magical gaming ecosystem. Created by a veteran gaming team, Arcane World offers a decentralized Metaverse that is player-driven, emergent, dynamic, highly playable, and scalable.





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