Hillary Clinton and Pascal’s Wager
Laurel Brett

What if your impressions of Clinton are the result of the right wing propaganda machine and she’s not a liar at all?

But you wrote this piece primarily to Jill Stein voters?

Well then that certainly is one big ass what if isn’t it? That maybe the impression of Clinton from the radical and far-left was informed or aggravated by the right-wing media AND that Hillary Clinton is trustworthy?

  • Maybe criticism of the Clinton Camp hasn’t come exclusively from the right.
  • Maybe HRC herself is guilty of actions we would not expect from a “progressive who gets things done” but a garden variety neo-con.
  • Maybe Clinton didn’t lie about nearly every detail involving her email server.

You say you understand and empathize with disenfranchised Sanders supporters but how could you if your vote wasn’t the one thrown away? Literally thrown away.

You say you understand why people voting their conscience could be morally outraged, resentful, and even hateful of Clinton, but if you’re voting for her, do you really?

What if all the people who know her and have worked with her and have now endorsed her understand her character more than you who have never met her?

Have you met her? Do you claim to understand her character better than any Sanders or Stein supporter?

Or do you think they may not have a vague “gut feeling” but overwhelming evidence and the weight of history to judge her upon?

Do you really think her colleagues endorsed her because she is deserving of the presidency and is the voice of the people or because she -like them- is another Washington insider?

Are you sure a Clinton vote is one that will “do no harm”? A “Not-Trump” Hillary vote is not necessarily “fire insurance” against a political Pascal hell.

I say this with nothing but contempt and revulsion for donald trump. He is a fascist, misogynistic, violent candidate who is playing into the hands of an uneducated and gullible fraction of our population. He will at best get nothing done but will surely do harm if he does.

But it is condescending and downright negligent to shit on the Greens and the disenfranchised as if their votes are uninformed, rash, supportive of Trump, or that they should belong to Hillary. We vote third party because there is political will for more than the broken two.