I’ve spent almost 6 months in total over the past year working on a series of major projects at archaeological sites (in Egypt, in Turkey, in Greece & partner countries — also more locally, in the Yorkshire Dales), whilst also delivering a number of related short-course and multi-week heritage training programmes (e.g., in Athens).

Reporting on the effects of a collaborative first-year undergraduate-led project at the site of Breary Banks in the Yorkshire Dales: https://www.scribd.com/document/330391856/Student-Work-UoY-Forum-41-Autumn-2016

From my perspective, the greatest success of these projects has been the camaraderie and solidarity created amongst their many participants (students, volunteers, staff, government representatives, other stakeholders, etc.). These positive connections between people — who were generally strangers to one another beforehand — have manifested in…

I regularly apply different media in my professional practice to enhance, complement or otherwise facilitate novel interactions that could not be generated in the absence of these media. In recent years, much of my practice has begun to gravitate around hands-on training — training other professionals internationally, training university students at all levels (undergraduate, Master’s, PhD), training my own colleagues — in creating materials and spaces for public engagement, particularly engagement with heritage and archaeology. …

Sara Perry

Director of Studies, Digital Heritage, University of York, UK, http://saraperry.wordpress.com

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