The Horror Of The “Me-ternity Leave”
Ester Bloom

Let’s do a thought experiment where we replace childbearing/adoption with any other reason people take FMLA.

“My co-worker got 2 months of leave to provide 24-hour care and transportation to and from the hospital for his father who was dying of cancer! Why don’t *I* get two months off for reflection and self-actualization?”

“The receptionist is taking intermittent FMLA to deal with treatment for a debilitating chronic illness. Why can’t *I* take every Friday afternoon off to go to the spa if that’s my version of self-care?”

“My boss is going on short-term disability to recover from open-heart surgery and we all have to scramble to get things done while he’s gone. I find work stressful, too — why can’t *I* take a month to relax at home?”

Uh, I don’t think that works….

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