Anti-Blackness in the Muslim community

Why do we have the toxic notion that Muhammad Ali transcended race?Why do non Black Muslims always try to derail our movements? Why is there an unsaid theory that if your Black and Muslim that you are automatically a convert, in no disrespect to converts because Allah SWT knows what's in our hearts and our devotion to him is most certainly isn't measured by how long we have been Muslim.

You know what's funny is Non-Black Muslims wanting us to be all " one ummah " but they refused to call out Adam Saleh when he said Abeed ( derogatory arab slur towards blacks.) and they want us to be free Palestine and I assure you we are I'm for my Palestinian brothers and sisters and free syria but they ignore Somalia and things that are affecting African Muslims you tune us out and it's wrong and it's dehumanizing and I am not making a generalization but we're there for you but you're never there for us. I can vividly remember walking through a Mosque and hearing Arab girls call me Abeed, thinking that because I don't speak Arabic I can't understand it. That was so toxic and destroyed my self esteem.

Prophet Muhammed PBUH said that. “ No Arab is better than an White nor is a White better than an Arab nor is an Arab better than an African nor is an African better than an East Asian.” He said we are all equal, but unlike you he preached and helped to make his words action while you sit behind your iPhone and tweet all lives matter and #OneUmmah. How can we be One Ummah when you laugh at Anti-Black jokes? When you laugh at the Holocaust? When you are discriminatory towards Arab Christians? When some of you guys support Trump? How can you expect me to be resilient and calm when your parents are incredibly rude? Or when I feel like crap because instead of that woman shaking my hand she muttered nigger under her breath in the house of Allah?

Whenever I say this, I am being extremely radical, exclusive, segregating the Ummah,aggressive. When were we ever an Ummah? What Saudi Arabia is doing to Yemen doesn't signify Ummah nor does our treatment of Levant Christians makes us an Ummah. You call Muhammad Ali a nigger on Tuesday, Say we're an Ummah on Wednesday, say All Lives Matter on Thursday. When has it ever occur that when you say those harsh words some of us want to leave said ummah? Some of us feel abandoned. The Nation of Islam might as well be the only branch of Islam that its people treat Black people well. You want us to call out problematic white people, we do but you calling us nigger or fake Muslim doesn't make sense. You use Bilal RA to prove you aren't racist.

I'm concluding this rant but until you treat us like how Prophet Muhammad PBUH would want you to treat us. I don't consider myself part of the “ Ummah "